Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine for my girl...

My Dearest, Sara,

In an ever darkening world that seems to be closing in on itself with every turn of the gravure, a few beacons are found guiding the lost, tormented, angry, marginalized, confused, sad, and weary to the port of safety and comfort of truth.  Some who spot these lights on the distant shore as they fearfully attempt to navigate the tempest, choose to flee farther into the darkness above the deep waters, where distinctions blur beyond recognition; believing their security lies in the vast tumultuous desert; only to discover--and often too late--the solitude to be mean consolation, exacting an astronomical price.

Some will go towards the light.  And while the journey is arduous, fraught with the terrors of rocks, shallows, wind, and undertow, they come to their peaceful haven: a secluded cove far exceeding their expectations in hope.  And like a mother who holds her newborn for the first time, the pain of their flight is soon forgotten.  Such voyagers cannot express their gratitude for the chance to bask in the warm light; nor can they express the wonder of it, except to say it is there they want to stay.

You are such a light, my darling.  Because you love Jesus and strive to do His will, His light radiates out of you--brilliant and manifest.  You don't notice it, and so it shines even brighter.  Others see it, and long to enter your nimbus, and rest in the love so elusive in this grim world.

From the moment I first met you, I've noticed this aura of splendor adorning your loveliness.  And no matter how troubled I might be, I always find solace in your presence.  Why God should love me so much to allow me to share in your life, I cannot know.  I love you, deeply, my beautiful girl.  And I will as long as I draw breath both here and from the rarefied atmosphere past west.

Love always and forever, even into the age.



Jon Kokko said...

Never was it said truer, "She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her."

Bruce said...

Thanks, Jon. Where is that from?